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Bible Fellowship Classes

One of the best ways to meet people, grow spiritually, and get involved in the life of the church is to join a Bible Fellowship class. Offered before the morning worship on Sundays, 9:30 – 10:30AM, these classes range in size and are perfect for learning more about God and the Bible, as well as connecting with others. There are many Bible Fellowship classes for adults, students and children, so there is sure to be one that's right for you.


Our groups are open to anyone who wishes to attend. You don't have to join the church or know the Bible to participate. We do welcome you to join in the class discussion. We are all growing in our biblical knowledge, so don’t think that you will feel out of place.


  • Image Bearers


This class is for married couples and singles with children who seek to interact with others studying and applying God’s word in helping to model a Christ-centered marriage and family life. A focus on The Bible, a book at a time, is the format of the class, discovering what God says about raising families and today’s adults. A seminary graduate, Jason Lewing leads this class.

Life Stage: Couples and single family leaders (30's to 50’s); Room 204, West Building


  • Koinonia


This class is made up of older singles and married couples mostly who have no children in the home (ages 25+ into the 50's). These students of the Bible want to understand God's will for their life and want to discover how to live their lives to glorify God. The Explore the Bible Lifeway Bible Study curriculum with The Bible are used as the resources along with outlines and questions by the teacher Dennis Griffiths. Discussion and application are the roots of this class. Life Stage: Couples and Singles 25+ and older; Room 100, East Building.



  • Seekers


This class is focused on practical Bible teaching and the study of God’s Word together as couples. Reliance on Scripture and prayer is the cornerstone of this exciting and encouraging class. The Bible and Lifeway’s Explore The Bible are used as resources. Led by Jerry Brantley.

Life Stage: Couples and singles (50’s & 60’s); Room 208, West Building

  • Mixed Nuts


Topical studies and a discussion-oriented format make this class an excellent place for anyone who would enjoy studying God’s word in a small group setting. This class is committed to studying scripture and walking in faith. Members share prayer needs for families, the church and the community. The Bible and Lifeway’s Explore The Bible are used as resources. Led by Bob Augustine

Life Stage: Open; Room 102 East Building (next to Library)



        Truth Finders: (Both classes meet initially in 207 West)


  • Men:


This class incorporates both interactive discussion and lecture. We explore the depth of God’s Word to create knowledge, wisdom and service. We raise the level of commitment of each man to God’s Word and God’s Work. The Bible and Lifeway’s Explore The Bible are used as resources.Led by Steve Bell.

Life Stage: Open; Room 207, West Building


  • Women:


We seek to “mature” in all that God has called us to be. It is a loving group that desires to be supportive of each other through prayer and relationships. This class seeks to fulfill Ephesians 4:12-16. The Bible and Lifeway’s Explore The Bible are used as resources. Susanna Tarbell teaches this class.

Life Stage: Open; Room 205, West Building


        Joy and Steadfast Classes (Both classes meet together initially in 200 West)


  • Joy Class (Women)


This class incorporates effective discussion along with passionate, practical teaching on how the Bible affects our daily life. The class has strong prayer and visitation ministries. The Bible and Lifeway’s Explore The Bible are used as resources. Led by Lee Watson.

Life Stage: Women 70+; Room 200, West Building


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