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  • Clothing and household item donations can be received at the East door on weekdays from 9 to 4 or whenever you attend services. During the week the doors are locked, so please ring the bell and someone will let you in.


  • Clothing and household item donations can be placed just inside the East door in the 1st closet on the right or as instructed by church staff. We accept clean clothes of every size, shoes, coats, hats and undergarments, as well as, household item like dishes, pots and pans, cups, silverware, glasses, blankets, linens, heaters, fans, school supplies, Bibles, etc. If you have larger items, please call the church office to make arrangements or locate a person in need of your particular item.


  • Food and toiletry donations should be placed on the kitchen counter or on the floor in front of the kitchen door. We often receive requests for hygiene items (soap, deodorant, shampoo, toothbrushes, tooth paste, toilet paper), diapers (children and adults), and just about everything else you use at your house. We cannot distribute partially used containers of soap, shampoo etc.


  • We also serve homeless clients who could use a can opener, silverware, tab-top cans of food and bottled drinks.


  • Heart Ministry is funded through the Ridglea Baptist Church budget as well as other donations from great folks who want to help. If you need Tax ID information to receive Corporate Matching funds, please call the church office.

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